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ClearView Fiduciary Alliance Member Update 

ClearView Fiduciary Alliance is pleased to share this update as we continue to pursue our mission to “Help Foundation, Endowment and Not-for-Profit Boards Make More Informed Investment Decisions.” In recent weeks, the ClearView Fiduciary Alliance has accomplished several objectives including:

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March 16, 2017 Categories: News

ClearView Fiduciary Alliance Member Update  

We made great progress in 2016 in our effort to develop the ClearView Fiduciary Alliance as a resource to “help foundation, endowment and not-for-profit Boards and Executives make more informed investment decisions.” We are pleased to provide you with this brief update of our progress and to share some of the upcoming activities we have planned for the first quarter of 2017.

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January 13, 2017 Categories: News

Investment Peer Analysis – A Definitive “Best Practice”  

Our research suggests that the returns of more than 80 percent of the investment portfolios of small and mid-size foundations, endowments and nonprofit organizations have NOT maintained their inflation adjusted purchasing power (net of spending and investment expenses) over the past decade.1 Furthermore, we estimate that more than two-thirds of such organizations’ investment portfolios have underperformed their market index benchmarks in recent years.2  These challenging odds suggest that we as fiduciaries have an increasing obligation to be better informed and to make better investment decisions. 

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January 6, 2017 Categories: Insights

ClearView Fiduciary Alliance adds Member Services Coordinator 

ClearView Fiduciary Alliance is pleased to announce that Julie McGlothlin will be joining ClearView by KDI, LLC in the role of Member Services Coordinator in the coming days. Julie is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience in the investment industry. For 16 of those years, she worked directly with ClearView’s CEO, Larry Coats at a predecessor firm. Julie brings a unique set of skills and experiences to ClearView. She has managed a client accounting and servicing team. . . read more
September 20, 2016 Categories: News

Investing with an “Infinite” Time Horizon 

“One of the most important decisions the Investment Steward has to oversee is the determination of the portfolio’s time horizon.” Center for Fiduciary Studies

...As Board members of foundations, endowments and not-for-profits (“FENP”), we typically serve in that role for a brief season in the perpetual lives of these organizations. These seasons are most commonly defined either by “term limits” as mandated by our Board charters or self-imposed limits as we often choose to “move on” to other organizations as our interests evolve. Meanwhile, we are legally bound by a duty of loyalty and prudence as prescribed by the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA). We are compelled to apply our investment expertise and experiences to a process that is designed to address the long-term objectives and time horizon of the institutions we serve - even when this pursuit is contrary to the manner in which we manage our personal investments.

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August 17, 2016 Categories: Insights

ClearView Announces Launch of Peer Reporting Portal 

ClearView Fiduciary Alliance is pleased to report continued progress in its efforts to “Help Foundation, Endowment and Not-for-Profit Boards Make Better Investment Decisions.” In recent weeks the Alliance has: Issued the first quarter 2016 Foundation, Endowment and Non-Profit Peer Investment Analysis. This quarterly analysis included 45 long-term investment portfolios representing nearly $1.1 billion. Successfully completed the integration of the MSCI InvestorForce Foundation . . . read more
June 1, 2016 Categories: News

ClearView Completes 2nd Annual Study of Investment Policy Statements 

ClearView Fiduciary Alliance has issued its Confidential 2nd Annual Investment Policy Review Summary Report. The Review is a compilation of key components of the Investment Policy Statements of the Alliance Member organizations and is based on research and analysis completed by Larry D. Coats, CEO of ClearView by KDI, LLC. In reviewing the IPSs of Alliance Member organizations, the report addresses several questions critical to investment fiduciaries including: What Investment Time. . . read more
February 29, 2016 Categories: News

ClearView Completes 4th Quarter 2015 Peer Analysis 

ClearView Fiduciary Alliance has completed the fourth quarter 2015 Foundation, Endowment and Non-Profit Peer Investment Analysis.  Included in this quarterly report were 36 Alliance beta-Member organizations representing approximately $975 million in long-term investment pools.

February 15, 2016 Categories: News

ClearView Fiduciary Alliance Expands Peer Reporting Capacity with the Introduction of InvestorForce, Inc. Foundations and Endowments Universe 

Building on its mission to “Help Foundation, Endowment and Not-for-Profit Boards Make Better Investment Decisions,” ClearView Fiduciary Alliance has secured access to one of the country’s largest sources of foundation, endowment and not-for-profit investment data. ClearView will integrate MSCI InvestorForce investment data for more than 700 foundations, endowments and not-for-profit organizations from around the country into the quarterly peer analysis of investment performance and asset. . . read more
January 31, 2016 Categories: News

ClearView Fiduciary Alliance Holds First Member Meeting 

ClearView Fiduciary Alliance is pleased to announce that it conducted its inaugural Alliance Member Meeting on November 5, 2015 at the Carolina Country Club in Raleigh NC. The agenda for the meeting included: Organizational Update Q3 2015 Peer Universe Observations Peer Reporting Portal Preview “Learning and Teaching” Opportunities Discussion “This inaugural meeting of the Alliance Membership was a critical step in our effort to connect foundation, endowment. . . read more
December 1, 2015 Categories: News