Typical Member Profile

The Alliance objective is to provide its Members with a broad cross-sectional view of the investment activities and results of small and medium size foundations, endowments and not-for-profit organizations. As the universe of Members continues to grow, we will work to broaden its diversity while deepening its representation within specific segments to provide for the tracking and reporting of even more relevant sub-peer-groups. While the initial beta members of the Alliance were North Carolina-based, our goal is to expand the geographic reach of the Alliance far beyond the Mid-Atlantic region.

Membership Stats (beta) 3/31/16
Total Member $ Investments $1.1 B
Largest Member $204 MM
Smallest Member $1.4 MM
# Member Portfolios < $10 Million 21
# Member Portfolios > $10 Million 24
Mean  $ Portfolio $26 MM
Median $ Portfolio $12 MM
Member Affiliation (beta) Members
Educational 9
Healthcare-Related 9
Family Foundations 8
Charity/Not-for-profit 6
Religious-Related 5
Other 1
Total (3/31/16) 38