What We Do

As a service that connects fiduciaries, ClearView Fiduciary Alliance fulfills the organization’s mission by:
  • Aggregating, Analyzing and Reporting
    • Facilitating the confidential sharing and reporting of quarterly investment results and portfolio asset allocation data among foundation, endowment and not-for-profit peers.
      • 41 Member Organizations /45 Investment Portfolios/$1.2 billion in long-term assets. (6/30/18)
      • Supplemental Peer Universe includes over 800 Foundations, Endowments and Not-for-Profit Organizations
    • Providing useful, relevant and independent analysis of portfolio positioning and investment results on a timely basis.
  • Learning and Teaching
    • Providing educational resources to Board and Investment Committee members regarding standards, best practices and effective processes.
    • Facilitating Peer Group meetings and Forums to allow Member organizations to learn from their collective experiences.
    • Conducting independent research focused on the practices and approaches of Fiduciary investors.